Instant Reading Achievement
   The Burt Road Show, award winning ISAAC early reading interventions and Much Much More

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About Us

The Burt Road Show TV Show is a Public Television and online ( instructional program committed to teaching preschoolers to read and others to read better.  The creator of this scientifically-based, exciting, interactive 34 lesson program is Richard Hogan.  He is presently pastor of Emmanuel/PCL Church of God in Christ located on Burt Road in the poverty-strickened Detroit subdivision of Brightmoor.

Mr. Hogan has always been a very strong advocate of preschool literacy and through many community initiatives has proven that even at-risk preschoolers can learn to read fluently and with excellent comprehension before entering kindergarten.  After 40 years or working in various capacities both in the Brightmoor community and around the country with preschool, elementary, middle, high school and adult emergent readers, Mr. Hogan has a somewhat unique perspective on literacy issues.  He was a former special education classroom teacher, an instructional materials supervisor, Headmaster of a bi-lingual K-12 academy, owner/operator of a preschool academy, adult education supervisor, and organizer and promoter of a number of community literacy initiatives.  The Burt Road TV Show/Preschoolers Can Read initiative is Mr. Hogan's latest and greatest project.

Our Mission

To assure that every child has a successful fun-filled learning-to-read experience; and to make sure it is as exciting for child and parent as when the child learned to walk and talk.

Our Goal

Is for every preschooler in America to be able to read fluently and with excellent comprehension before they ever enter kindergarten.