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Donations for at-risk Students? 

Many *low-income parents of at-risk preschoolers are unable to purchase the activity workbooks designed to be used in this Natiional Preschoolers-Can-Read Initiative.  If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to help us purchase activity workbooks for these at-risk preschoolers, please do so by clicking the donate button to the left; or you may follow instructions below. 

A special fund has been set up for this purpose.  Emmanuel/PCL Church of God in Christ, P.O. Box 23524 Detroit, Michigan 48223 will receive any tax-deductible donations specified for this purpose.  Our federal tax exempt number is 748-106-975.  Your communication should specify:  for activity workbooks for *low-income at-risk students in the National Preschoolers-Can-Read Initiative.  If this is a special donation for a specific child or family, You must indicate that in your communication. At any rate, after your funds are dispersed we will include in a letter to you specific information concerning the child and/or family receiving your donation.  

If there is another charitable organization through which you would like to donate funds to this National Peschoolers-Can-Read Initiative,  Please let us know.  We are extremely happy to cooperate with any organization desiring to help our *low-income at-risk preschoolers.  Just have them contact us (if necessary) and we will work with them to get activity workbooks into the hands of these at-riak preschoolers and their parents.  

If you have not already done so, please take a look at (at least) the home page of our website.