Instant Reading Achievement
   The Burt Road Show, award winning ISAAC early reading interventions and Much Much More

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Finally, a reading intervention that really works, really fast!

Accelerate the growth curve of your lowest performing students with the new

COGIC/ISAAC Reading Intervention Program

Guided by the latest reading research facts, this newly developed reading intervention program makes it possible for educators and literacy professionals to have unprecedented success with at-risk students

*The research is quite clear on what it takes for students to become competent readers.  The five big ideas in reading are phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension.  But is there any help for students who have defied all methodologies and attempts by highly qualified teachers to teach these essentials?  Our staff training & development modules included with this program, helps to lay a strong foundational knowledge base upon which both teachers and tutors will acquire and build skills needed to accelerate the growth curve of at-risk low achieving students.  These are very often special education or Title One students scoring below the 25th percentile  in language arts skills.  Most of these students have a history of reading failure in both the core reading programs and interventions.  They typically perform at levels several years behind their peers.

Every student activity packet contains the following: 

                            Scripted Teacher's Manual                                                                      Instructional reading sheets

                            lightening-quick diagnostic/prescriptive assessments                       over 100 independent student activities

                            strategically placed criterion reference assessments                          pre and post assessments

                            parent/teacher communication packet                                                   black line flashcard masters

                            daily student record and activity sheet                                                  illustrated booklet 

                            certificate of achievement

all of the above for only $99.00 per student activity packet

Diagnostic Prescriptive Assessments assure the right prescription for every child, every time.                          

         "Come to the Zoo" Grapho Phonics Level One "   "I am King" Grapho Phonics Level Two   "My Beak Holds" Grapho Phonics Level Three -  all pre-primer reading level

  "Spring is Coming" - 1.1 reading level  "Ice Cream - 2.2 reading level  "Mom's New Job" - 2.7 reading level  "Handprints" - 2.7 reading level  

"Going yo Family Camp" - 3.6 reading leve"My Friend" - 3.9 reading level  "Keiko the Killer Whale - 4.3 reading level  

         "The lion and the Mouse" - 5.0 reading level   "The water Cycle" - 6.0 reading level 

          "Help is on the Way" - 6.0 reading level  "Something's Missing"- 6.0 reading level  

 "The Grand Canyon" - 7.1 reading level